lake mary bassmasters

a central florida bass fishing club where fishing is fun!

Lake Mary Bassmasters Club Dues: $40.00

This is a draw club meaning we are boaters and non-boaters and you draw a boater to fish with if you do not have a boat. 

Everyone fishes against everyone.

The entry for every tournament with big bass and side pot is $40.00. 

A non-boater must pay the boater $25 prior to fishing the day of the tournament. The $25 helps with gasoline in the boat and the truck to bring the boat to the ramp, as well as deferring some of the boat owners costs. Owning a boat is expensive. 

Bass are weighed on a digital scale. Most tournaments are a 5 bass limit with the most weight winning the tournament. We also pay for big bass. 

Meetings: Meetings are almost always on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the sports bar called Jax off Lake Emma Blvd in Lake Mary, FL at 7PM. The tournament is the following Sunday. Some months have two tournaments on Saturday and Sunday the weekend following the club meeting, particularly when we were fishing a distance from home. 

The championship is held in December in every year and is a two day tournament where the cumulative weight of both days wins. You must fish 7 tournaments during the year to be eligible to fish the championship. 

Any dead fish weighed is a 4 ounce penalty or .25 of a pound. You cannot cull a dead fish. 

You must have a value Florida fishing license. If you are a boater or non boater, if you do not make the meeting you must call Charles at 407-496-8687 to let him know whether you are fishing or not fishing. 

The decision of the tournament director is final as to any decisions made during the tournament or weigh in.